Super Junior GOLD Winner 2020

What is the Best Organic Fertilizer to Grow Grass?

Project 2020-344

Our Super Junior Gold Winners are a group from Timoleague National School in Co. Cork with a passion for turning local products into organic fertilizers that can be used for grass growth in their locality.


You can buy organic tomato fertilizer in the shop. But this isn’t local, and the group was curious about what locally sourced products could be used instead. They decided to test comfrey, seaweed, and manure on grass and compare the results to the organic tomato fertilizer you buy in the shop.


They started with the science, and then spread the results with their schoolmates, community and farmers across the nation!

Actions taken:

  • We collected organic fertilisers: seaweed from Courtmacsherry Beach, horse manure and cow manure from a team member’s farm and collected the comfrey from school garden.

  • They purchased tomato feed from Bandon Co-op made by Neudorff. We converted the raw materials into tea-based fertilisers. 

  • When classes were working in the school garden, they gave workshops on the importance of local organic fertilisers.

  • Publicised question “What is the best organic fertiliser for growing grass?” through our school newsletter and social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in the hope that people think about their own habits in the garden and on farms. 


Judges Comments:

Fantastic work! You carried out great scientific research, experiments done, and results calculated and displayed. All areas were explored very thoroughly, and steps of the projects were conscientiously taken – you displayed fabulous teamwork. We loved how original the project was and how you tackled a local issue, explored it and gained helpful and valuable results. Great awareness raising too – well done!


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