ECO-Den Tips

So you've made it to the #YEA19 Semi-Final ECO-Dens - what next?

You've done really well to make it this far, your project has really caught our eye and we want to hear more about it!

The Young Environmentalist Awards semi-finals are known as 'ECO-Dens', and they give YEA participants a chance to tell us more about their projects. These events take place regionally, and you can see all the dates here. On the day, young people will be asked to give a 5 minute presentation of their project to a panel of ECO-Experts. This will then be followed by a few friendly questions.

You might be wondering what those questions could be, well good news - here's a few hinters!

Consider the following when preparing your ECO-Den presentation:

-How did you figure out there was a problem? (the one you're dealing with!)

-Why did you choose to deal with that issue?

-Why is it important to you as a group?

-What sort of impact will your action have locally?

-Do you think your local action will also have a global impact?

-What actions have you taken?

-What actions do you plan to take?

-How did you organise yourselves to take the action?

-How have you raised awareness on the issue?

-How will you measure the difference you have made?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the ECO-Dens, please get in touch with susie.spratt@ecounesco.ie.

Best of luck!

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