Over the next 30 days, complete one challenge each day to start taking steps towards an eco-friendlier lifestyle and a more sustainable world.


To take on the challenge you will need to keep track of your challenges. We suggest that every day you record a video or take a picture as evidence that you completed the challenge of the day, share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and mention us (Instagram and Twitter @ecounesco and Facebook @ecounescoireland). Your actions can encourage and inspire more people to take eco-actions and that is why we would like to share your challenge updates on the ECO-UNESCO social media channels and website.


The 30-Day Challenge has five different sections: Recycling, Do it Yourself, Education, Health & Well-being, and Kitchen.


Everyone who completes the 30-day challenge will win a Sustainable Pack by ECO-UNESCO.


Use the hashtag #KeepItEco and mention us on Instagram, Twitter (@ecounesco) or Facebook (@ecounescoireland).


You can contact Samantha on samantha.andrades@ecounesco.ie for more information.



Day 1. Cook a meal that creates zero plastic waste. 7 Day menus by the Zero Waste Chef here.


Day 2. Go through your wardrobe and clear out 10 items you do not need any more. (Put in bag for upcycling, give them away or find out how to dispose of properly). Check these ideas for upcycling your clothes.


Day 3. Learn a new environmental hack online. Try out the hack and share it! See a few examples here.


Day 4. Repurpose glass jars. Find some ideas here.


Day 5. Invent a healthy smoothie from whole foods (fruit/nut/yogurt/milk) and write up the recipe. Here are some ideas to inspire you!


Day 6. Make toothpaste. Find some recipes here.


Day 7. Read 3 articles about sustainable diets and share on your social media one thing you learned or comment that you have. Check this guide for beginners.


Day 8. Walk 12,000 steps within 2 km of your house. Enjoy being in the environment and the positive effects on your well-being. To count your steps, check these step counter apps.


Day 9. Bake your own bread. Check out these 7 bread recipes for beginners.


Day 10. Grow an edible window box. See this idea.


Day 11. Find a great environmental article and share it on social media. Do not forget to tag us @ecounesco.


Day 12. Check your average bin weights. Keep track to waste less! We produce 15 million tons of waste every year. Read more here.


Day 13. Make your own banana ice cream with just one ingredient. Recipe here.


Day 14. Rediscover the art of journaling. Read about the benefits of journaling and how to do it!


Day 15. Appreciate nature by bringing it into the home. Pick some flowers/foliage, arrange in a jar and place on your desk or somewhere else in the house.


Day 16. Make home-made lemonade to cool off on these sunny days. Check this quick recipe.


Day 17. Rinse out recyclables. You can read about the benefits here.


Day 18. Upcycle your clothes: 20 ideas to upcycle your clothes here.


Day 19. Write an email to a brand and ask them to be more sustainable or tell them the efforts they are making matter to you!


Day 20. Meditate, pray, or do some yoga. Try to connect with yourself!


Day 21. Make your own peanut butter or nut or oat milk. Find the peanut butter recipe here, nut milk recipe here, and oat milk recipe here.


Day 22. Upcycle something from the recycling bin. 10 recycling ideas


Day 23. Make a TikTok video on an environmental theme. Use #KeepItEco hashtag and tag us @ecounesco.


Day 24. Sign an online petition and share it on social media. You can start your petition here or sign one here. Do not forget to tag us @ecounesco.


Day 25. Go for a walk and take 2 photos. One that shows the way humans sometimes show little respect for the environment and an arty photo that represents something that you love about biodiversity or nature.


Day 26. Start a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). See this guide to get your workout right.


Day 27. Make your own plant-based meal. Here you have 16 ideas!


Day 28. Make a micro recycling centre at home. Tips to recycle at home.


Day 29. Plant pollinators. Check this All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.


Day 30. Create an environmental sign and put it in your window. Join Fridays for Future and the #ClimateStrikeOnline.







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